Episode 126: Holiday Special

It’s the holiday season and I thought it would be fun to hear about the movies that put us in the spirit!  I invited listeners to call in and tell me about a movie that means the holidays to them, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, or any other winter-time holiday.  I’ve assembled all the responses into a short, fun episode that’s perfect to listen to between your holiday celebrations.

You’ll hear from:

Diana Rojek-Skonnord of Happily Ever Aftermath

Ginger Wireman

‘Becca’lise Deveaux of This Cinematic Life

Hannah Foster-Ojeda (my guest on upcoming episode 127)

Andrew Linde of It’s On My List and Dunston Checks Min

Craig Duffy of This Cinematic Life

Natalie Alexandra

Rebecca Evans of The Art

Joe Meyers of It’s On My List and The Podcast Macabre

Stephen & Jessica Parker of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Michelle Nava

Chris Duck of The Podcast Macabre


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Click here to listen to episode 126.

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January 6: Episode 127 featuring Hannah Foster-Ojeda.

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Episode 24: David Blake Lucarelli

David Blake Lucarelli, author of the graphic novel series The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, editor of the horror anthology Winter Horror Days (also featuring our episode 2 guest Janet Joyce Holden) and motion picture ADR Recordist, discusses the films that have influenced him to be the person he is today.  Join us, as we delve into completing the circle, living in other worlds, loving your favorite rock band even when they threaten to sue, and swimming with Cheap Trick.

Have you ever wished you could see a full list of all the amazing films chosen by Movies Made Me guests?  We’ve got you covered!  Just visit our Complete List of Influential Films page to download the list.  It’s a great way to look over all the films mentioned on the show and note the ones you want to watch!

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Click here to listen to Episode 24.

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