Episode 49: PJ Haarsma

PJ Haarsma, Executive Producer of Con Man on Comic-Con HQ and author of the Softwire Series Rings of Orbis books, sits down with us to discuss the movies that have influenced him to be who he is today.  Join us, as we discuss silk shirts, tuna fishing, sleeping through alien visitations, and the Hogwarts Express to outer space.

Be sure to watch Con Man season 2, starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, available now on Comic-Con HQ.  See if you can spot our host, Cheryl Jones, in select Long Con and Shock-A-Con crowd scenes! Even if you’ve never attended a comic con, you’ll love Con Man and its very funny look at the struggles of actor Wray Nerely to escape his cult sci-fi TV past.

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Click here to listen to episode 49.

Here are links to items of interest mentioned in episode 49:

Con Man on Comic-Con HQ

Con Man: The Game

Spectrum comic book

Con Man on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The Softwire book series

Rings of Orbis online game

Be sure to join us January 23 for episode 50, featuring Hal Lublin, voice actor who you can hear as Omnibus on Mighty Magiswords on Cartoon Network, as well as Welcome to Night Vale podcast and Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. Hal also co-hosts the We Got This With Mark and Hal podcast and Tights and Fights podcast.

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