Episode 38: Shelly Smith

Shelly Smith, waitress at Keno’s Sports Bar & Grill in Anaheim, CA, sits down with us for a lively conversation about the movies that made her who she is.  Join us, as we chat about possessed mothers, puberty helpers, using cans to get into Disneyland, and reproducing Elvis.

Don’t forget to make your plans to join us at the inaugural Comic Con Palm Springs, August 26-28 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Don’t miss your chance to see the CCPS guest of honor Stan Lee!  And be sure to attend our podcasting panel discussions, organized by our friends at Podcast Advocates.  We’ll have Movies Made Me stickers and buttons to give away!

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Click here to listen to episode 38.

Here are links to items of interest mentioned in episode 38:

Keno’s Sports Bar & Grill on TripAdvisor.com

Keno’s Sports Bar & Grill on Yelp

Comic Con Palm Springs


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