Episode 2: Janet Joyce Holden

Welcome back!  Today, we present episode two of the Movies Made Me podcast.  This is the first of our regular discussion-based episodes and we are extremely proud to feature author Janet Joyce Holden.

We met with Janet in her home and spent a delightful afternoon discussing the films she feels most influenced her to become the person she is today. Consider yourselves warned, her movies are not for the faint of heart!  So, delve into the dark recesses of an author’s mind and learn how films have helped inspire the detailed worlds she creates.

And, please, let us know what you think of the podcast, so far.  Leave comments here or click to comment on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

WP Ep 2







Click here to listen to Episode 2.

Please follow these links for more information on Janet Joyce Holden’s currently available works of dark fiction:

Blood Nocturnal:  Book 2 of the Origins of Blood Series

Blood Paternal: Book 1 of the Origins of Blood Series

The Only Red is Blood


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