Episode 66: Murray Valeriano LIVE!

Murray Valeriano, comedian and host of Road Stories podcast, joins us for our first-ever LIVE show, recorded in front of an audience at Comic Con Palm Springs!  Listen in, as we discuss hippie term papers, rock and roll animals, scotch & ice cream, and Pacific hangover cures.

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Click here to listen to episode 66.

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Episode 17: Tara Ison

Tara Ison, author of “Reeling Through Life: How I Learned to Live, Love, and Die at the Movies,” joins us for an insightful and entertaining conversation about the remarkable influence of films on her understanding of the world.  Her book recounts the life lessons she has taken from films throughout her life, incorporating roughly 110 film references in a thoughtful and often very funny memoir of growing up learning about life in the glow of the silver screen.  Join us, as we discuss the lax parenting of the 1970’s, power without understanding, how not to lose your virginity, and how Alcatraz can change your life.

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Click here to listen to Episode 17.

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