Be Part of Episode 126: Christmas Extravaganza!

Hello Movies Made Me listeners! You’re invited to be part of the upcoming Episode 126 Christmas Extravaganza!

Is there a movie that means Christmas (or Hanukkah or any other winter holiday) to you? What movie kicks off your season and puts you in the holiday spirit? Is there a film that reminds you most of your holiday experience growing up? Well, I want to hear about it!

Click the link below to visit Speakpipe and record a message for me to include in episode 126! Your story will be heard by Movies Made Me listeners around the world, along with the stories of other listeners and friends of the show.

This is your chance to be part of the show and help celebrate the holiday season through film. Just a few notes to remember:

  • You can record a maximum of 5 minutes, so have an idea of what you’d like to say before you hit record.
  • Be sure you’re close to your microphone! Your phone microphone or a usb microphone plugged into your computer will work best.
  • Please provide your social media handles in your message, so listeners can follow you.
  • Deadline to record is Tuesday, December 17!
  • Click the link below to get started!


Thank you for being part of Movies Made Me! Listen for Episode 126: Christmas Extravaganza, coming Monday, December 23!

And don’t miss Episode 125: Craig Duffy, releasing Monday, December 9!

Episode 36: What Happens When We Don’t Have A Guest?

What happens when we don’t have a guest?  We tell you all about the exciting things happening with Movies Made Me!  Check out this short and informative episode, as we tell you about why it’s sometimes difficult to book guests, promote upcoming appearances where you can meet (and maybe record!) with us, and give shout-outs to some awesome listeners!

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Click here to listen to episode 36.

Here are links to items of interest mentioned in episode 36:

Comic Con Palm Springs

Los Angeles Podcast Festival